Fertilising comes in many different forms. Nature does it naturally with its own organic compounds. Once organic matter starts to break down via micro-organisms and fungi, nutrients begin to leach back into the soil and are once again available to plants for growth.

On your typical house block, fertilising is best done with some human intervention. 

Adelaide Gardening Group offers fertilising for not just lawns, but gardens as well. We use a combination of above ground fertilising for established gardens and lawns, or if its new plantings, we add some into the soil to give the new plants something to boost themselves up with once it gets established. There are other additions that will boost soil nutrients. Certain products “condition” the soil and add micro-organisms, as well as nutrients which will assist your plant in times of growth and stress. Along with mulch, water, sunlight and the correct pH, fertilisers and the sort just add that extra edge over soils not looked after in this way. When you see the differences, this will make you proud of your garden. 


Fertilising is one of the most important things you can do for your lawn. Keeping it cut regularly, and providing plenty of water during times of stress will also contribute to a better looking lawn. For more information on lawn fertilising, have a look at our Blog here.

Fertilizing your lawn should be done twice a year in Autumn and Spring. Fertilising in Autumn will have a significant impact on how the lawn looks in Winter. Although you can still fertilise a lawn in Winter, it will have less effect therefore costing you more time and effort for less results.

Fertilising through Spring will give your dormant winter lawn a boost and help prepare it for the long hot summer days. A well-fertilised lawn will slow intruding weeds and use less water. It will also do better in Adelaide’s notorious heatwaves, as long as it has sufficient water to do so. 

Tip: always water in fertiliser to prevent burning your lawn.

Veggie Gardens

When it comes to veggie gardens, always use fully organic fertiliser, this should include a range of pelletised fertiliser such as composted chicken manure and organic liquid fertilisers such as worm tea or charlie carp. Best to fertilise at the end of each harvest and let the soil and fertiliser settle for a couple of weeks before planting out your next crop.

Organic Fertilisers

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