Lawn Mowing

Lawn mowing may be one of the more basic services we offer but it still needs to be done correctly. Correct mowing height for the varying seasons, sharp blades for a clean cut and a regular lawn mowing schedule all affect the quality of your lawn. Australians love to cut their lawns too low, so try to curb this trend and keep it at a reasonable height with regular cuts. Or simply let us take care of it for you! Don’t spend your precious weekends maintaining your lawn, let us do the work and we’ll get it done with no fuss.

Six handy lawn tips:

  1. Don’t mow too low during winter.
  2. Keep soil pH at around 7.
  3. Fertilise twice a year using organic fertilisers.
  4. Get on top of weeds early in winter to slow the onset later on.
  5. Avoid parking vehicles on the lawn at all times.
  6. Trim back bushes and shrubs that restrict sunlight to the lawn.

Lawn Mowing Adelaide

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