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Subsurface versus sprinkler systems. What are the differences?

What is subsurface irrigation? Subsurface irrigation is a type of dripper system in which a series of tubes are buried underneath the surface slowly watering the root system from below. Subsurface irrigation is popular with new lawn installations as it can be laid down before a new lawn has been rolled out or seeded. The main benefit of subsurface irrigation is reduced evaporation, unlike traditional sprinkler system which throw water up and outwards allowing the wind to carry water away from the desired area, water can sit on the surface for sometime before soaking downwards which will lead to further evaporation loss.

Sprinkler systems on the other hand operate above the surface making them ideal for existing lawns as tranching will be kept to a minimum. Reduced installation time also makes sprinkler systems one of the more affordable irrigation options. However they will use more water for the same desired outcome when compared to a subsurface irrigation system.


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