Hedge Trimming

Hedge trimming should be carried out by an experienced gardener. Adelaide Gardening Group are experts when it comes to hedge trimming.

In Adelaide, a living hedge is great for privacy, sound deadening and to partition a section in your yard. There are a range of hedging styles, such as parterre, formal, informal, screening or simply “just for looks” hedging. 

Plants that make good hedges are the Diosma, Plumbago, Murraya spp and the resilient Oleander. Others include Vibunium tinis, Syzgium australe (Lilly Pilly), Buxus macrophylla (Japanese Box). But there are plenty of other options that can be catered to your needs.

Planting tips

For small hedges like the English Box hedge, we suggest planting out at about 20-25cm apart.

As a general rule, larger hedges that are to be grown into a solid screen should be planted out at the ratio 3:1 (3m high x 1m part). For example, if you want your hedge to grow three meters tall, plant out at about 1m apart.

Hedge nutrition tips

Regular trimming of hedges lessens the plant’s energy, so good nutrition is critical. A good quality organic fertiliser is best. For a healthy hedge and nutrient diverse soil, use fertilisers that have a reputable brand name, such as Neutrog. The garden is no place for low grade fertilisers and herbicides.

Hedge trimming tips

Trimming is often advised to be done twice a year but it will depend on the stage in which the hedge is at. For well established hedges, trimming twice a year might be sufficient but for young hedges trimming will need to be done more often. Trimming at a slight angle so the base is slightly wider or thicker than the top will allow more light to reach the bottom of the hedge giving it more even growth.

The more you nurture your hedge the less problems you’re going to have down the road.

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