Stihl BG86 blower Review

Stihl BG86 blower – German design, lightweight and reliable.

The Stihl BG86 blower is the commercial grade of the two hand held blowers on offer by the German power equipment manufacturer.

The differences between the Stihl BG56 and the Stihl BG86 are; anti vibrations dampening, commercial grade HD2 air filter, and throttle lock. Both models use the same 27.2cc engine block but the Stihl BG86 puts out an additional .08 bhp.

Dampening is excellent and can be comfortably used for prolonged periods without numbness in the hands or fingers. Mechanical dampening is handled by two separate free floating springs which isolate the engine vibrations from the user, it’s a simple yet clever design.

Like all 2-stokes, noise can be an issue and the Stihl BG86 is no exception. Although the Stihl BG86 is less noisy than box store 2-strokes, it is still going to wake up the neighbours, so be sure to abide by your local council regulations for times of use.

Mixing oil and fuel is one of the few downfalls as with all 2- strokes. The Stihl BG86 uses a 50/1 fuel/oil ratio, being this lean we would recommend using Stihl HP ultra oil if using for extended periods of time, it burns cleaner and starts easier. The extra cost is easily justified when considering lost time getting the blower started on a cold morning, repairing or replacing carburettors and general engine wear.


At $399 the Stihl BG86 is competitively priced, especially when considering the overall build quality, reliability and longevity of the machine. The power it produces for the weight is impressive and it makes sense why this model is so popular with small and large commercial operators.


  • Light weight
  • Easy to start
  • Powerful
  • Almost maintenance free
  • Not as smoky as some 2-strokes


  • Loud
  • 2-stroke fuel mix