Husqvarna 524LK Line Trimmer Review

The Husqvarna 524LK is the only four stroke line trimmer on offer by the Swedish equipment manufacturer.


The Husqvarna 524LK uses Honda’s proven and reliable 25cc four stroke engine churning out a moderate 0.8kW, the same engine used in Honda’s own branded line trimmers.

This particular model uses a split shaft with the option to purchase a wide range of attachments, with the most commonly used being the pole saw attachment and hedger attachment. It makes sense to own an attachment over a stand alone hedge trimmer when a hedge trimmer would rarely get used.


The Husqvarnas 25cc 4-stroke is noticeably quieter than its 2-stroke cousins which makes it more suitable for use jobs in dense urban environment.

Starting the trimmer has never been an issue, even on the coldest of winter mornings, set the choke, pump the fuel bulb 4 times and pull the starter cord, easy!

The included Husqvarna T35 Bump trimmer head has proven to be super reliable and easy to spool.

With enough power for everyday grass trimming, a range of quality attachments and a reliable Japanese engine, the Husqvarna 524Lk is worthy investment for any commercial garden business or land owner. The slight weight penalty over a comparable 2-stroke is well worth it as the reduced noise and smoke make for a more pleasant trimming experience when used for extended periods of time.

If Husqvarna is serious about shifting more of these units they should consider trimming a bit off the price to bring it closer inline with the Honda UMK425.


  • Easy to start.
  • Honda engine reputation for reliability
  • Produces less fumes than 2-stroke
  • Much quieter compared to a 2-stroke
  • Lighter than Honda branded grass trimmer
  • Split shaft with optional attachments


  • Heavier than equivalent 2-stroke models
  • Regular oil changes can be a nuisance
  • Expensive